What is this website? I’m creating a digital log of information that has impacted me in many facets of my life. A core value of mine is a commitment to the continuous journey of acquiring new knowledge, skills, and experiences while taking on this adventure of life. I’m not rain man and can’t remember 99% of the content I come across, but this is an experiment I’m attempting to commemorate the various lessons, truths, and stories I’ve learned throughout my existence on this earth, and continue to find as I research, listen, and hypothesize with new findings. I sincerely believe that engaging with the material, having open discussions, and bringing others along for the ride will only result in a more positive association with the content, and a more profound impact. This is not intended to be an opinionated blog, but rather a display of useful tools, mentalities, and approaches to solving problems in our lives. Please join me on this never-ending ride!


We will always have the Freedom to Think. Keep your mind open and find ways to learn through adversity.